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In order to make the website function correctly and to make sure you can shop easily we use cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies collect information one needs in order to make a website function correctly. Cookies of Kids Department are safe. They cannot collect personal information and are safe for your pc, laptop, phone and tablet. More information about privacy with us, you can find at the bottom of this page.

How long do cookies stay?

Most cookies of Kids Department disappear as soon as you close the browser. Some cookies stay a few days to months. You can delete them all by yourself at any time via your browser.

Deleting cookies or turning them off

You can always delete or turn off cookies via your browser- adjustments. Explanations about the adjustment of cookie-adjustments you will find at the “Help” section in most browsers. Be aware: Most websites do not function properly if you turn off your cookies.

Cookies are little pieces of information that are saved by your browser on your computer. We use cookies to recognize you if you visit us again. By using cookies we can collect information about the use of our services and improve and adjust these to visitor’s wishes. Our cookies give information in relation to personal identification. You can set up your browser so that you don’t receive any cookies during shopping at your website.

We use external advertisement technologies of reputable third parties to gain insight in the behavior of visitors at our website. The goal is to determine the effectiveness of internet advertisements at our website and the site of thirds. Therefore we use cookies that we supplied and were placed by us. This is focused on registering certain actions and transactions of visitors at our website and based on the data we can indicate certain profiles for relevant visitors. When a relevant visitor comes at a website within the network of our partners, an advertisement is shown based on the indicated profile.  In both cases we pass on the use of the website of visitors to the severs of our partner.  Also is, in both cases the information we collect and via this technology is kept up, not personally identifiable.

Privacy policy

We respect the privacy of all users of our site and make sure that the personal information you give us is treated in confidence. We use your data to guarantee that the order go’s as fast and easily as possible. Also will we use the information only with your permission.  Kids Department will not sell your personal data to thirds and will only make these available to thirds that are involved with the order.